Gourmet Box with Vermouth Grifoll

Reference: TBVS-GOU-TY7-003

Send a gift with which the honoree can enjoy an aperitif full of nuances, great products and an elegant presentation when, where and with whom he deems appropriate. Iberico de Guijuelo, rustic peaks, Arbequina olives, Manchego cheese aged for seven months, Parmigiano Reggiano Montecoppe aged 36 months, crackers with walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, Comtesse du Barry French patés and finally, pairing these delicious products, the Grifoll Declara aperitif , an aperitif made in the Priory with a subtle character, with elegant perfumed notes and where the herbaceous notes have the prominence. The palate has a warm and sweet entry, with a moderate bitterness that appears at the end of the drink.


Country of Production
Anniversaries, celebrations and special ocasions.
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Unique Gifts: We use the best wines and spirits in the world and we pair them with the highest quality products in a studied pairing, an original gift that will delight Foodies and Bon Vivants.
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We take care of every Detail: All our gifts are presented in an elegant box, with decorative shavings, silk paper and with the option to gift wrap and add a beautiful personalized dedication.
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In the payment process, we offer the option to add an elegant personalized dedication (with a limit of more than 800 characters and the possibility of adding a logo) and gift wrapping the present. Give it a personal touch and make your gift even more special.