Citadelle Reserve Gift Pack

Reference: TBVS-GIN-TY2-001

Exclusive gift Gin Tonic with the veteran and pioneering French gin Citadelle Reserve. The Maison Ferrand Distillery rescues an original recipe from the 18th century in which the gin is distilled in stills heated with direct fire and infused with a combination of 19 spectacular botanists, finally, the gin ages for six months in French oak barrels that previously held Cognac. An exclusive gift pack with one of the best gins in the world ideal for the Gin & Tonic lovers.


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Anniversaries, celebrations and special ocasions.
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Unique Gifts: We use the best wines and spirits in the world and we pair them with the highest quality products in a studied pairing, an original gift that will delight Foodies and Bon Vivants.
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We take care of every Detail: All our gifts are presented in an elegant box, with decorative shavings, silk paper and with the option to gift wrap and add a beautiful personalized dedication.
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In the payment process, we offer the option to add an elegant personalized dedication (with a limit of more than 800 characters and the possibility of adding a logo) and gift wrapping the present. Give it a personal touch and make your gift even more special.

Citadelle Reserve Gift Pack is filled with...

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    Use this collection of botanists to subtly infuse and get scented notes in your Gin & Tonic. Selected petals of indues roses, jasmine flower from western China, hibiscus flower from the Egyptian fields, orange blossoms, Persian roses and mauve flower from the Iranian steppe.

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    Teatime of the Mediterranean chocolate maker Mi & Cu, is a sweet expression that uses all the properties offered by tea and combines them with a gamma of flavors and spices, obtaining particular chocolates, full of interesting nuances and notes. In this combination, the almond is covered with a chocolate with Morocco Green Tea, mint and lemon.

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    Teatime of the Mediterranean chocolate maker Mi & Cu, is a sweet expression that uses all the properties offered by tea and combines them with a gamma of flavors and spices, obtaining particular chocolates, full of interesting nuances and notes. In this combination, the almond is coated with a chocolate with Pai Mu Tan White Tea, coconut and ginger.

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    A delicious, innovative and revolutionary proposal that transforms the content on the continent, edible candy canes of different flavors that maintain their consistency in the glass, providing aromas and notes to your favorite cocktail. A great sustainable alternative that completely eliminates the plastic from the equation with five pleasant flavors;...

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    An elegant case of quality and finishes at the level of the spectacular distillates it presents. With an organic exterior finish in a brown hue and black interior, it incorporates a handle and two metal closures, which together with the paper savings and the special protection we use, it makes it the ideal continent to make a different and quality gift in...

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    An ideal proposal to pair with refreshing cocktails such as Gin & Tonic, Ron & Cola, Gimlet, Margarita or Whiskey & Ginger Ale as a dessert. Gourmet popcorn made with lemon-lime flavored mushroom corn  made in an artisan way and with products of the highest quality by one of the leading brands of gourmet popcorn in Spain.

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